05 October 2010

i hate yoga journal

there, i said it.

HATE it. i used to love it about a decade ago before they had ads for oil of olay and all of these probiotic products (say that 5 times fast) for all of the white women suffering from IBS who read yoga journal religiously. sorry (fellow) white women. sorry IBS sufferers.

i don't subscribe to it, they send it to me for free because i have liability insurance through them. i've asked to have my subscription canceled but it seems they can't divest the two.

i try, every month. i open it up hoping to find inspiration or at least avoid annoyance, but by page 3 i'm usually annoyed. so many ads. so many stupid ads, not even thinly veiled ads for esoteric things that will help you to achieve enlightenment faster (like a zen alarm clock), but just ads for pet food (because white ladies have cats) and subarus (in case they also happen to live in vermont or colorado). the articles might as well be ads for how to navigate the relationship with your ex-husband and his new wife and their cat, how to help people in other countries learn to make baskets and christmas ornaments, and how not to fart while doing that really challenging pose that blew out your knee last year.

end rant.

i'm thirsty for inspiration today. looking forward to dirtier hands. the chocolate's working well.


  1. Tell me that is not a yoga man-thong.
    (good to see you here again!)

  2. G that is a "Mansy," a fictitious piece of yogawear advertised to hit stores on April 1, 2009. I know it caught more than a few mens off-guard.

  3. My colleague once told me that an old dude showed up to his hot yoga class in a thong and put his mat down front and center.

    This guy would totally buy a Mansy.

  4. I googled "Yoga Journal is stupid" and got this link. I am a middle-aged white lady who finds it completely disgusting to find advice on treating myself to meditating on dozens of fresh rose petals (because I deserve it, I presume) and other decadent, self-absorbed nonsense aimed at rich white ladies with money to burn. I clearly burned 24 bucks I could've used better. Lesson learned. Yoga Journal is stupid and evil.