27 September 2010

sustaining celibacy with chocolate

Amy told me I haven't written in a while. Well, yeah. Not here.

What's been going on in my life hasn't been bloggable. So, we begin again from now.

I'm moving the pieces in my precious little game of life Jenga. I could just kick it over, sure, but if I did it would stay scattered all over the floor for a lonnng time because I haven't the energy at this point to start over completely. We'll see. Vague much?

On the honest nutrition end of things, I am going to see what it means to self-medicate using a healthful chocolate recipe (working with cacao or cocoa, almond or rice milk, avocado, dates, maybe some agave, maybe even some cayenne, vanilla...) so that I feel... fulfilled.

Let's leave it at that. Good to be back.


  1. really, i think the title of the post says it all...