29 July 2011


Okay. Will get to the ReVerb 10 Prompt in a sec. But oh my crap I'm going to show myself. You ready?

I've decided somewhere between noon and the commute home that I'm ready to have a good man in my life. It's been a year that I've been legitimately single, and it's been wonderful. I think what's inherent to me acknowledging that I'm Ready to Have a Good Man in My Life is that I am also Ultra Happy Being on My Own. Almost too happy. So I thought I'd outline for myself just what I'd consider, at minimum:

1. He must not be nor ever have been a smoker, of anything.

If this is really true, then:
  • he probably doesn't have a particularly addictive personality
  • he cares about himself, body and well-being
  • his kisses smell and taste good
  • he is present with his emotions, even through the tough stuff
2. He has an earnest mind/body practice.

If this is really true, then:
  • he breathes
  • he's in shape
  • he is present with his emotions, even through the tough stuff
  • he prioritizes his well-being for the sake of himself first but also for the benefit of others
  • he's connected with and heeds his intuition
3. He appreciates cats and American football.

If this is really true, then:
  • he can sit still for a period of time
  • he understands women a little better
  • he can converse with my dad
  • he will enjoy kitten Morris Day as much as I do
4. His intelligence equals or exceeds my own.

If this is really true then:
  • it doesn't necessarily mean that his education equals or exceeds my own
  • he will consistently offer challenges and stimulation
  • he will be cultivating the expansion of his own intelligence
  • he will teach me some things
  • he will be a wise father
  • he brings his ideas to fruition and completion
5. He is a family man.

If this is really true then:
  • he treats his mother and female family members with respect and honor
  • he is interested in spending time with his family
  • he considers himself to be a role model within the family unit and contributes accordingly
  • he contributes selflessly to the good of the family, to the best that he is able
  • he wants to create a family and understands the priority of bringing/cultivating conscious people in the world
  • he extends his kinship feelings to the community at large and is committed to them
  • he has the capacity for deep, long-term love that weathers many storms
6. He makes me pee my pants with laughter.

I don't know if this one needs explanation.

7. He appreciates the importance of whole food and just food systems.

If this is really true, then:
  • he buys food locally and/or consciously either through a CSA, farm, or food co-op
  • he grows his own food
  • he cooks
  • he contributes his dollars and consciousness back into sustainable food systems
  • he's healthy and in good shape
  • he takes me out to eat for good meals :-)
8. He is connected with and embodies his purpose.

If this is really true, then:
  • he gives of himself, either in his job or in his volunteer contributions to the community
  • he is philanthropic with his resources, to the extent that he is able
  • he is creative
  • he devotes ample time to the pursuit of his purpose
  • i might be involved with it
  • he has the capacity to be committed to purpose and the beneficiaries of this purpose in a way that is long-term and deep
I think Eight Is Enough as they say. Probably I'll meet this guy and think he's boring. Too easy. Not enough of a challenge. So be sure to call me out if I seem bored or ignore him when he arrives. I've been inspired lately by women who are bucking their own personal (detrimental) trend. And even though I feel completely terrified to open this window (I was fine being single. I'd like to stay single and have non-committed relationships forever... but I want to have more children, so...) I think that is also a mark of moving closer to the truth. I will deal with this "community" prompt another day.

Oh. And no set ups. I know you're sneaky.


Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

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