23 March 2011

Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors)

Thanksgiving Eve, Machine Night Club. Do I even remember the song? It might have been the Radiohead mix, my favorite

Rafael (whom I had never really met, we had never spoken) and I took off our human shapes and communed in salt and air. I remember there was like a weird couch setup with some circular tables; pool tables to the right (my right... for a little while, anyway). The light was dim, finally. It had been too bright in there all night, the 'other' room, the smaller room. Altitudes varied, my breath was being sucked in and out of me by the music. Smelled like human and dust and beer - but not in a bad way. The air was cool and moved around me, around us. Maybe it was just our velocity. He was slick with sweat because it was the end of the night, probably just about 2 am. Of course my hair was also plastered to my forehead, my face. I wore the sky blue dress made from gauzy fabric and jeans so my ass wouldn't show during no-self moments like this one. We. Did. Not. Stop. We did not stop for nothing. For anything. I had the chance just to be, free of pretense, mindless of eyes from those around, though faces would freeze midair as I spun. I used all of the space I was given, but even so my edges dissolved and respiration became the only action. The dance was not action, it was being. Dancing was the state, we were the ecstasy (no not drugs. who needs drugs when you can drop into this?). Still when Raf and I dance it's from somewhere else. Grateful.

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  1. Brilliant experience and perfectly conveyed. Love you.