01 March 2010


If the world was ending and we were signing up to board the spaceship to begin civilization anew, here are the skills that I would list to make me an attractive candidate, in no particular order:
  • I am good with my hands
  • I can make something out of nothing (in a constructive way, not a whiny way)
  • Apparently I'm fertile
  • I have a very strong back
  • I listen well
  • I learn quickly
  • I have all of my vestigial organs and wisdom teeth (which may not be a skill, but could be useful)
  • I am a light sleeper and can be an early riser
  • I'm patient
  • I'm observant almost to a fault
  • I could probably grow things if it was my job to do so
  • I am frank
  • I have good teeth (again, not so much a skill as a helpful characteristic when perpetuating a species)
  • I can get groups of people together and move them with very little effort
  • I have the capacity to fast for lengths of time
  • Not particularly modest
If I had to admit some things that would detract from my candidacy, they would be:
  • If hiding, I get the giggles and sometimes fart
  • I may be getting a bunion on my right foot. Maybe.
  • I am not so great at mental arithmetic
  • Physics. Also not my strong suit
  • I'm fair-skinned and therefore might not do well on Mercury
All told, a net positive I'd say.


  1. since there are more positives here, i guess i'll keep you around for a while...