22 March 2010

one year ago today, continued

By now I had some gentle acupuncture that caused only a few twinges but nothing thrilling. I chose to go back and see Jeff, the guy who practices Chinese style acupuncture at the clinic where I had worked at the beginning of my pregnancy, Pathways to Wellness. They were very good to me there. I had teeny little marks in my forearms from where they left needles in to help treat my morning sickness. They even got me those magnetic bracelets that are supposed to help, but I was just pushing away on the magnets while barfing. Not so helpful for me.

So I went back to see Jeff to see if I could get things a-movin. He set me up in a chair and was chatting with me as he was starting to insert the needles. A couple in my arms, a couple in my ears, a couple in my feet, and then as he started to work a knee point, I felt a rush of energy, started to lose my peripheral vision, and broke out into a cold sweat. I said something to the effect of, "Um, I don't feel so good" which made him look up at me and see that I was quite green. He had his assistant go and get me some water and immediately began taking out all of the needles. This shit was no joke. I eventually returned to normal and tottered out of there, after Jeff told me the story of the time he made his 250-pound uncle pass out from a treatment. Yah thanks.

A very strange reaction from someone with a perfect pregnancy. No contractions. Nothin.

I wonder why?

Hmm... stay tuned as "one year ago today" continues.

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