27 February 2010

oh woman, my woman... i want to talk to you

You know, I thought I was going to be writing about food and health here... haven't really gotten into it. Maybe because writing about food would not be personally challenging or really at all daunting or scary. I still might write about food... but as I said to some people this afternoon it would not feel like I was undressing and you caught sight of me through my bedroom window. That's how writing this blog feels. I'm naked, you see it, I don't know you see it unless - heaven forbid - you tell me. So you don't have to tell me. Just smile at me in that way the next time you see me.

Today my friend Leah and I organized a Gathering of Women. It was so great. It was a pot luck which of course meant that I prepared food and drink for 30 (even though fifteen women and two children were there) plus everyone brought some kind of something, from veggies and dip to corn nuts to peach pecan pie (what!). Kris Kono was our resident DJ and she had just about all of us up and dancing, faking the words to Peven Everett. Makeda was reading Tarot, which was a sweet addition to the day. She read my cards: Nine of Cups, The Tower, the Sybil of Pentacles and the Sybil of Swords. I like this Sybil character. I will leave out the interpretation of cards - without context you only have the meaning of the cards themselves, if you know them. Selah of course grabbed Makeda's other deck and spent time doing her own readings. I was so pleased to have my daughter there with me. To have a daughter, period. What a lucky mom I am. I was telling Leah that I don't think of her as a baby. I think of her as a person who knows so much, I just am not fluent in her language yet. I hope that once we start communicating overtly that she still retains her mystical qualities. That girl is changing lives already.

The Sybil of Swords is interesting because she's flanked by what look like hawks. I couldn't find anything that tells me differently. Am I the only one who sees hawks everywhere? I don't think I am, but they show up for me unfailingly. Near and far. I remember reading that it is also Selah's animal according to her numerology. I could see being a hawk, if I was an animal. I had always thought of myself as more of a cat, because I'm independent and good at napping and I like a nice stroke of my head, but I can get down with a hawk and what it represents.

I did not say my piece about the vessel. Nor about assumptions. It's not because I chickened out, it's more because I went with the vibe. The vibe was genial, crafty, and up. People painted and drew, sewed, ate, danced, talked, and laughed. It was total fulfillment of intention. Perfect. The best part is that there was grand demand for a sequel. We shall supply it.

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