10 February 2010

boo blogs

I am not quite sure why I'm doing this. It's so much pressure to translate thoughts into typed words, showcased for anyone to see. Here's my first thought:

While walking home from work last night a man strode across the street onto the sidewalk in front of me. He was tall and only dressed in a sweatshirt and khakis, light for how cold it was. And as I trailed behind him I noticed one thing: he smelled like a Cabbage Patch Kid! What the hell?

Thanks to Greg and my sister Jessica for their contributions on how to name this endeavor. Jessica contributed such gems as "Upward-facing Blog" and "Are you there, blog? It's me Amelia." Greg's response to me giving him the parameters of the blog (mostly about food/nutrition, some spirituality/yoga, and general musings) was to recommend "Amelia's Daily Movements." I appreciate this. I really do. Especially since I've concerned myself with his daily movements since his diet has changed to the two most important food groups: various forms of Swiss cheese (and by Swiss I mean from Switzerland and by various forms I mean liquid and solid) plus bread.

I chose "unmixed attention" because it is a relevant excerpt from a quote by philosopher Simone Weil in her book Gravity and Grace, "Absolutely unmixed attention is prayer." If I'm choosing to write it, it is my prayer. Even if it's about poo.


  1. boo! not enough talk about poo. this is my daily movements haiku!

  2. I'm so glad you are doing this! what a great outlet! the midge will always comment...